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A special place with a personal touch!

A sanctuary for all, including horses, dogs, cats, and people! Six of our horses were rescues including the two above. We adopt many of the cats from the local shelter that can't be adopted out. We presently have thirty cats and seven dogs

Rockin’ Lorado Ranch is committed to being a positive business in our community. We reach out  to support rescue animals and provide a nurturing environment to the horses and other animals on our ranch. We breed horses for quality and are honest about a horse’s abilities when we sell. Our lesson program is set up to work with each person individually and teach them at a rate of speed comfortable and safe for them. We open our facility to the public to educate them about horses and offer therapy programs for those with emotional issues and autism. Our training program is very diversified and we work with the owner’s and the horse to create a lifetime bond in which they are happy and safe.

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