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Boarding Options 

Our stable facility has ten stalls, two wash areas, and 50 acres of open pasture and wooded trails for you and your horse to enjoy. We have two round pens and a 125 x 200 ft arena. Management is on the premises.

Full Board


Full board includes one 10 x 10 stall, with one cleaning per day. Feeding is per your instructions and daily turnout if needed. Two - three flakes of Bermuda hay will be provided in the morning and the evening and if any extra hay is needed a small fee will apply. We will also blanket your horse for you if needed. 

Pasture or Paddock Board
  • Pasture board includes: daily feeding, hay in the winter, grazing in summer, and fresh water.
  • Paddock board includes: one or two daily feedings per owners request, hay and fresh water. Paddocks are panels on three sides and chain link fence in the back. Each paddock has a 100 gallon water trough with automatic waterer
If you choose pasture board you will be responsible for the blanketing of your own horse and taking care of any of its other needs.

Call us for prices at 678-634-4429

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